CFSS Student, Wong Yin Hom, Engaging in A Real-time Earth-space Conversation with The Taikonauts on Tianhe Space Station

Our school took part in the “In the Call of the Times: Looking Upward to Stars and Talking with Tiangong” event on September 3. Both our teachers and students had a glimpse of the environment inside and outside the Tianhe Space Station. We also learnt how the Taikonauts perform actions which are easy in our daily routine, yet very difficult under low gravity conditions, including drinking water, preparing food and handling wastes. Above all, our student, Wong Yin Hom from Class 3E, won a very precious opportunity by having selected by the hosts from the China Central Television to ask an immediate question to the Taikonauts. We learnt that it is possible for Taikonauts to view different types of landscapes from different places on the Earth.