ML002 Apophylite

  魚眼石Name   Apophyllite
化學公式   (K,Na)Ca4Si8O20(F,OH)•8H2OChemical Formula   (K,Na)Ca4Si8O20(F,OH)•8H2O
莫氏硬度   4.5 – 5Mohs scale of Hardness   4.5 – 5
  魚眼石通常為白色或無色,但也可以是藍色、綠色、棕色、黃色、粉紅色或紫色。魚眼石的條紋是白色的。其光澤為玻璃質的珍珠的。它的折射率是1.536Description   Apophyllite is usually white or colorless, but may also be blue, green, brown, yellow, pink or violet. The streak of Apophyllite is white. Its luster is vitreous and pearly. It has a refractive index of 1.536.
小挑戰   有哪些不同種類的魚眼石? 它們分別是氟化魚眼石(鉀),氫氧化魚眼石(鉀)和氟化魚眼石(鈉)。Challenge   What are the different species of Apophyllite? They are Fluorapophyllite-(K), Hydroxyapophyllite-(K) and Fluorapophyllite-(Na) respectively.



By 4A Chan Ho Yan 01 on 17/04/2021