ML001 Adamite

  水砷鋅礦Name   Adamite
化學公式   Zn2AsO4OHChemical Formula   Zn2AsO4OH
莫氏硬度   3.5Mohs scale of Hardness   3.5
  剛玉的顏色為淺黃色,蜜黃色,棕黃色,微紅色;很少會劃分為白色,無色,藍色,淺綠色至綠色。剛玉的條紋為白色至淺綠色。它的光澤是玻璃質的-樹脂的。剛玉易碎,通常在被玻璃和大多數非金屬礦物刮劃中表現出來。它不是放射性的。Description   The colour of adamite occurs as pale yellow, honey-yellow, brownish yellow, reddish; rarely white, colorless, blue, pale green to green, may be zoned. The streak of adamite is white to pale green. Its luster is vitreous to resinous. Adamite is brittle which is generally displayed by glasses and most non-metallic minerals. It is not radioactive.  
小挑戰   我們在哪裡可以找到這石頭? 我們可以在台灣,加拿大,不列顛哥倫比亞省,新西蘭,中國,俄羅斯,納米比亞和墨西哥找到剛玉。Challenge   Where can we find this stone? The stone can be found in Taiwan, Canada, British Columbia, New Zealand, China, Russia, Namibia, and Mexico.  


by Ms Ho Lai Mei on 16 Mar 2021