ML003 Aquamarine

  海藍寶石Name   Aquamarine
化學公式   Be3Al2Si6O18Chemical Formula   Be3Al2Si6O18
莫氏硬度   7.5-8Mohs scale of Hardness   7.5-8
  海藍寶石是綠寶石般透明的綠柱石品種,具有淡淡的藍色或綠松石色,暗示著海水的色彩。 它與寶石祖母綠密切相關。 顏色各不相同,並且已知黃色綠柱石,玫瑰粉紅綠柱石和白色綠柱石。Description   Aquamarine is a gemstone-quality transparent variety of beryl, having a delicate blue or turquoise color, suggestive of the tint of seawater. It’s closely related to the gem emerald. Colors vary and yellow beryl, rose pink beryl, and white beryl are known.
小挑戰   文化和神話用法 •海藍寶石(連同血石)是與三月有關的誕生石。 它也是19週年的寶石。 •中世紀的人們認為海藍寶石可以神奇地克服毒藥的影響。 •古代水手帶著海藍寶石晶體旅行,認為這將確保安全通過,並確保安全返回; 他們經常用枕頭下的石頭睡覺,以確保良好的睡眠。 他們相信警報器的人魚般的下半身是由海藍寶石製成的。Challenge   The culture and mythical usage Aquamarine (along with Bloodstone) is the birthstone associated with March. It is also the gemstone for the 19th Anniversary. People in the Middle Ages thought that aquamarine could magically overcome the effects of poison. Ancient sailors traveled with aquamarine crystals, believing that it would ensure a safe passage, and guarantee a safe return; they often slept with the stones under their pillow to ensure sound sleep. They believed the siren’s (mermaid) fish-like lower body was made of aquamarine.  

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