Taiwan-based renowned eco-film director Mr. Liang Chieh-te paid a warm visit to CFSS to share his precious experience in shooting his masterpiece “Fly, Kite, Fly”

It was our school’s great honour to have invited Director Liang Chieh-te to pay a warm visit to CFSS on 9 November 2018 (Fri), showing his masterpiece “Fly, Kite, Fly” and sharing his precious experience in shooting the film. Director Liang is a Taiwan-based renowned eco-photographer and film director. His masterpieces had got enrolled in Golden Horse Film Festival several times and received numerous international awards. Director Liang had spent more than 20 years in shooting “Fly, Kite, Fly” to record the whole lifespan of a black kite from 1992 to 2012. The film demonstrates how humans ruin ecological balance and cause great impact on black kite.

We are the only secondary school that Direction Liang has visited. Interacting with 40 environmental prefects, green gurus and teachers, Direction Liang inspired them a lot with his passion and love to environmental conservation. The audience also includes wife of Director Liang, Taipei Municipal Jin-Hua Elementary School Former Principal Chu Te-yuan and his wife, and founders of Grateful Green Group Mr. George Jor and Ms. Boman Ho. All visited our campus as well and shared with our teachers on teaching experiences. We hereby once again thank Direction Liang and his friends very much for paying prime time to visit our school.

The trailer of the film “Fly, Kite, Fly” is as follows: