RM027 Mylonite

Class: 5E
Name: Lam ping wing
Year: 2017 – 2018
地質年代:(化石) (岩石)

化學組成, 鍵及結構:(礦物)

Geological Age: (Fossil) (Rock)

Chemical composition, bonding and structure: (Mineral)

形成:(岩石) (礦物)


糜稜岩是因為身處地底, 亦因為接近斷層而被斷層強大的壓力擠壓而成. 這導致其他岩石例如花崗岩和砂岩在強大的壓力和高溫

下粉碎和融合一個, 形成糜稜岩.


Formation:(Rock) (Mineral)

Living Specimens: (Fossil)

Mylonites are deformed rocks formed by the great pressure and high pressure in fault lines. This make the original rock such as granite and sandstone to breakdown and combine them by the great force.

People generally agreed that crystal-plastic deformation must have occurred to form mylonites


糜棱岩常具條帶狀和紋層狀構造, 糜棱岩常由花崗質岩石和砂岩類岩石形成,因經過強大壓力擠壓, 會形成波狀紋的彎曲。經過強烈擠壓, 原岩破碎後形成細粒, 粒度一般小於0.5毫米








Most of the Mylonite have layers, because of the great pressure from faulting, the rocks bends and forms curves on it. The great pressure breaks the mother rock and forms little particles, they are smaller than 0.5 mm.



Its hard

The colour of it is dark in colour

The grain size is small

It feels smooth when touch.


用途:(岩石) (礦物)

用在建築大廈, 橋, 室內設計時使用, 花園擺設

Application: (Rock) (Mineral)

It use for building buildings, bridges, interior designs or decorations in gardens

分佈:(岩石) (礦物)

糜稜岩存在在地底, 深度會超過4 公里的地方可以發現

Distribution: (Rock) (Mineral)

Mylonites can be found underground, which is not less than 4 KM.