Lunar New Year Nature Appreciation Voluntary Service

Led by Social Service Group and Green Guru Team, our school co-organized the Lunar New Year Nature Appreciation Voluntary Service with the Chinese YMCA Chai Wan Neighborhood Elderly Centre on 7 March 2015 (Sat) to have green adventures with elderly in Leaping Dragon Walk. Our school’s green leaders wanted to spread the message of sustainable development and care to the elderly by letting them understand the importance of plant biodiversity and environmental conservation.

We first took off from the shuttle bus at the cross-point of Cape Collinson Path and Leaping Dragon Walk in the morning. Guided by our green leaders, we learnt the basic taxonomy of trees, shrubs and ferns, appreciating the beauty of nature. Through interactive games, we stressed the close relationship between our daily life and environment, and promised to spread the message of environmental conservation and low-carbon concept to our family. We together worked on the herbal specimen, and our students gave the processed specimen to the elderly on our school Annual Open Day in April, blending sustainability and care into social service.