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Plant Specimen Collection Workshop

The Science and Technology Education Enhancement Team and the Science Club co-organized a pilot program on plant specimen preparation in October and November this year. This workshop aimed at training students to identify and collect plant specimen on the campus. Under highly technological teaching pedagogies, students experienced biodiversity, appreciation of nature and environmental conservation in a practical manner. The programme included two sessions: (A) 16 October: Specimen Collection Field Trip Our Principal, Mr. Au, and a group of 30 students and teachers in total, collected…

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Molecular Biotechnology Workshop 2017

In order to broaden students’ horizon on global development of molecular biotechnology in the recent years, more than 30 teachers and students have participated in a Molecular Biotechnology Workshop this Easter holidays. Students first attended a half-day pre-trip workshop in school, followed by a full-day trip to Beijing Genomic Institute and China National Genebank in Shenzhen the next day. During the visit, students could experience a hands-on experiment session related to forensic science. Students could utilize micropipettes to transfer DNA samples to agarose gel for…

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Science and Sustainable Development – Facilities on Campus

To provide a nurturing environment and enrich learning atmosphere for students to experience the contribution of science and technology to sustainable development, new facilities and teaching aids have been added in the recent years. They include the Science and Sustainable Development Resource Centre, a solar electric generating system, a wind turbine, a weather automatic monitoring system and a solar chill evaporative cooler. Installed with data loggers, high-quality stereomicroscopes, UV spectrophotometers and light microscopes, the Centre enables quantitative analyses of some scientific investigations. There are also…

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